Services to assure your programs quality

Do you need a quality assurance and testing expert or a team for days, months, or years to secure the future of your software?

Ensure the quality and reliability of your software with the help of an experienced quality assurance specialist.

Software Testing

With the help of testing, you make sure that the agreed features work.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance ensures everything works as planned.


You can use a software robot to minimize manual work steps.

Testing makes sure that everything planned will work as intended

Ensure the quality and reliability of your software with the help of an experienced specialist.  

We provide our clients with one or more experts for days, months or years depending on your needs. 

Testing provides data about the quality of the software or service during  its development. It can be used for example to find out whether the software meets the requirements set for it or whether it is ready for launch.


Testing and quality assurance team

What kind of test and quality assurance team would you need? Each person on our team is a senior-level professional specialised in, for example, test design, test management, or various tools for testing. 


Testing and quality assurance team -service?
  • Unique combination of quality assurance and testing expertise and experience 
  • Size and skill profile of the team can be tailored based on the project 
  • Flexible contract 
  • Fixed monthly pricing plan 
  • Transparency with costs of additional options
Quality needs to be prioritised before a single line of code is written 

My Consultant performs, for example, assessments, audits, and process & method development & definition. It leads  trainings, information sessions and workshops. My Consultant can also act as a testing expert or manager. 


My Consultant -service
  • High level of expertise tailored to client needs 
  • Flexible service that is open for rapid changes in service plans 
  • Expert for days, months or years 
  • Flexible pricing 
Outsource your testing services

Ensure quality and reliability with the help of our Test Center services. We use the most reliable tools and latest terminals on the market. In addition to that, our work is supported by a wide range of different automation solutions. Find the best combination of our comprehensive services for you and ensure the functionality of your services with the help of our experts! 

Our Test Center provides a comprehensive testing service. The only information we need is how to test your service. Then you will have to decide how much and when the testing is needed. As a result, you will receive  our findings and a final report. 


Test Center -service
  • Flexible operating model 
  • Versatile and comprehensive testing tools  
  • Latest terminals  
  • Mobile testing automation solutions 
Analytical and intelligent test automation brings speed and accuracy to testing 

In the rapidly evolving IT industry the development of systems, software, applications and system integrations is supported by functional test automation. Among other things, it can be used to test the system interfaces and ensure correct operation of the most important functionalities. The result is more efficient testing and a faster and higher quality release rate for new versions, for example in the DevOps model. 

We utilize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for repetitive and high-volume data modifications and transfers between different systems.  

Robotic Process Automation works error-free around the clock and its operation is 100% traceable. 

Modern day user’s tolerance of delays is very low. This also applies to situations where the website has a particularly high number of users (for example, various shopping campaigns and crisis or disruption situations). Ensure the functionality of your service with performance and load testing services. 

We build a customized DevOps, test automation or Robotic Process Automation solution that meets your needs in three steps: 

Definition: Needs and environment study and solution options 
Pilot: performance testing (PoC) of the selected solution 
Construction: implementation of a proven solution  


Automation Solutions -service
  • Turnkey solution that can be implemented in the client’s environment and premises  
  • Each stage is available separately and does not require a large initial investment 
  • The start of second and third phases will always be agreed upon separately with the client 
  • A possibility to order training for staff and consultant support in the implementation of the solution and the start of testing as additional services

Do you know the quality of your service? 

Does your company struggle with poor quality, protracted schedules, budget overruns or launch delays? Are you unsure about the effectiveness of your own testing? Do you need help but want to know exactly where your money goes?

Our Quality Accelerator is a workshop where your quality level is examined from different perspectives. As a result there will be a comprehensive information package including our offer. With the help of the information package you can make the decision on how you want to proceed 


Quality Acceleratorservice 

  • A day long workshop  
  • More efficient ways of identifying areas for improvement and development measures 
  • Content can be tailored according to client needs  

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