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Testing center is a flexible software testing service. We help improve the quality of your applications.

With continuity and automation we generate savings and improve operations.


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True flexibility

Testing center lives with actual needs keeping the costs down and ensuring effective quality control in software development. Realized savings can be allocated to exploratory testing or utilized as savings in testing costs.

Flexible when needed

Sufficient resources during testing peaks

Scale down when less testing needs

Testing center services

Flexible solutions for everyone: #security #testingautomation #DevOps #exploratorytesting #usability #performance #accessibility #regressiontesting

One time testing

Service agreement

One time testing

12 500 €
Planning + testing
2 weeks

The team

Testing chief
Testing automation professional
Version testing

After an one time testing a updated testing model can be applied + testing

9 850 €

Service agreement

Piloting 12 500 €
Two week pilot
Framework agreement / SLA
Extra resources

Short term need (SLA 1)

Testing partners

E.g. Security and usability


Resources x SLA x hours
Billing by hour.

Core team

Testing chief
Testing automation professional

Service level


Security cleared team + extra resources with 4 days notice


Assigned team with 4 days notice


A team with 4 days notice

A service package always suited for your needs

“What really sets Testing center apart from common testing models is that the customers receive a lot of flexibility. They can easily and quickly tailor their testing to fit their changing needs and scale the services up or down as they see fit based on current demand – without unnecessary costs.”

Ville Kukkonen, Testing center
050 490 6237


Here are some frequent questions about Testing center. We are happy to tell more about our services and testing in general.

Testing center is a flexible testing and quality control service. It offers testing services, test automation, software robotics, performance testing and security testing.

Testing center operates at Q-Factory or on-site at cusomter’s location depending on the need and contract.

Testing center is aimed at companies of all sizes.

Contracts are made “for the time being” and can be terminated at any point. The experience is usually better when the customer doesn’t have to tie themselves up in long contracts and can us the service as needed.

Service contract ensures that the customer has extra help when needed. The contract doesn’t obligate to anything or cost anything until it is used.

Fast service quaranteed when needed.

It is also possible to try the serive beforehand if the need seems to be greater than normal.

With Testing center we can offer our customers services with minimal response time. Flexible model makes sure that even the most acute needs are met quickly. Extra hands and testing can be deployed quickly for a day, week, or a month.

If a company needs testing but the time is unknown or subject to change or it is for a certain period of time.

A company needs testing for next month and activates the contract, selects the number of workers and decides the duration of the project. After there’s no more need the contract can be terminated.

Get in contact with Testing center. When the actual need is determined Testing center will offer suitable workers. If the company needs help with their whole  quality control pipeline or reporting the worker has to be introduced to the company’s systems etc. Nothing more is not really needed.

Testing center assesses the needs of the company and acts accordingly. In some cases the worker also needs to have experience with project leading etc. The worker is always picked for a particular task.

We always try to use the same workers as before to ensure smooth cooperation.

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Exploratory testing is a testing method that focuses on methological but flexible way of inspecting the functionalities of a program, spot problems and find possible flaws by testing it. It is the opposite to carefully planned and documented testing.

In exploratory testing the tester does not follow previously made testing plan or set but uses the system dynamically, reacting to it and using their professional skills to spot potential problems.

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