It is users who will decide whether your service is the next success story

Do you need a quality assurance and testing expert, or a team in your company for a period of days, months or years to secure the future of your service? Ensure the quality and operational reliability of your service with a quality assurance expert.

Outsource your testing services

Ensure quality and operational reliability with testing center services. We use the most reliable tools on the market and the most modern terminal equipment. Our work is also supported by a large number of automation solutions. From our comprehensive service range, select just the right combination to meet your needs, and ensure the operation of your services with the help of our professionals!

Our test center offers comprehensive testing services. All we need is information on how we can access your service in order to test it. After that, you only need to decide on how much testing you need, and when. You will receive our observations and a report.

What does the Test Center offer?
  • Flexible operating model
  • Versatile and comprehensive testing tools
  • Modern terminal equipment
  • Automation solutions for mobile testing

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Do you know the quality level of your service?

Does your company have problems with poor quality, missed deadlines, exceeded budgets and late launches? Are you concerned about how efficient your testing is? Need outside assistance, but don’t want to pay for anything you don’t need?

Order a Quality Accelerator workshop from us to assess your quality issues from various angles. The outcome is a comprehensive information package on recommended actions, complete with explanations. Our information package and offer will make it easier for you to decide on the next step.

What does the Quality Accelerator consist of?

  • a workshop of a maximum of one day
  • a more effective analysis than traditional auditing
  • content selected to suit the customer’s needs and preferences

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