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Q-Factory offers a wide range of different services for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), test automation and quality control. Every one of our services work independently and can be combined freely to achieve optimal outcome. So if you want a comprehensive and tailor made service solution for you company – don’t hesitate, contact us.

Software testing

Software testing helps minimize risks and is an integral part of modern quality control.

Test automation

By automating repetitive testing tasks it is easier to focus on more advanced methods.

Quality Accelerator

Does you company struggle with subpar quality, prolonged schedules, blown budgets etc.?


Automating repetitive tasks and operations by using robotics and increasingly often AI. 

Software testing lowers risks and helps to build a stronger brand 

Software testing is an integral part of modern quality control, and it helps to create a service or product that best suits your clients.

Our professionals will efficiently identify your testing needs to always come up with the best testing strategy.

In addition to the actual testing, we coach with different questions concerning software quality. This will help your company build a better brand with happier customers.

Test automation is an essential part of modern software testing 

By automating repetitive testing tasks in operational testing, e.g., regression tests made upon launch, we can focus more on exploratory testing and other more advanced methods.

This helps us find underlying problems in software more effectively because instead of repetitive testing tasks we can focus on more demanding problem solving, i.e., where us humans excel. 


Do you know the quality level of your company? 

Dows your company have problems with low quality, extended schedules, blown budgets or launch delays? Are you unsure about the effectiveness of testing? Do you need outside help but are now willing to pay for nothing? 

Book our Quality Accelerator, a compact workshop where we dissect your company’s quality level. After you will be given a comprehensive info package of all the recommended steps with detailed arguments. With this package and our quote, you are better prepared to decide what to do next.

What does Quality Accelerator offer? 
  • 1 day workshop 
  • Faster way to identify areas of improvement and correcting measures 
  • Content that is tailored to meet the needs and wishes of the client 
What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? 

The term Robotic Process Automation explains the subject well. RPA is automating repetitive tasks and operations by using robotics and increasingly often AI. 

Commonly this means a desktop program that takes care of tasks normally done by a human, saving money, time, and resources. These tasks can include checking employee hours and processing invoices.  

RPA is meant to increase synergy and effectiveness 

An AI powered robot brings with it, as name suggests, intelligent and even self-learning systems that can solve problems in a much more effective and comprehensive way. This includes processing vast amounts of data, allocation and decision making, real-time adaptivity of systems and other tasks that are usually outside of human’s comfort zone. 

RPA solution does not automatically replace people but is there to help them perform better as virtual work companion. Process automation improves our work and gives us new insight on how to assess and improve our operation models.  

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