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Our values


We are a confident company with expertize in the core. Our thinkin is agile and we use the power of group knowledge. Our open atmosphere and trust encourages our employees to innovate and share their ideas.


We appreciate uncomplicated interactions with our employees. Our company adapts to changes fluently and recognizes the needs of our staff. We are flexible when it's needed.

Customer Orientation

Customer orientation for us is that we recognize our customers needs and try to find a solution for them. We have a good understanding of contemporary and future technologies. We see challenges as opportunities and we focus on the solutions.


As a community we want to see each other succeed and we are committed to build our company culture together. To build our team spirit, we arrange regular get togethers such as breakfast events and team building lunches.

"Amazing people make a successful company." 

Misa Ahola, CEO

People in the heart of our company

Our culture is relaxed, and we support people to be themselves. As employer we value equality, and we believe in fairness in treating our employees. In our working community everyone has a chance to have their voices heard. We have heard that our people are exceptionally friendly!

Our people play a vital role in our company culture, and everyone is included making it better.

As a low hierarchy company we want to see things moving forward and problems solved – no matter how or in what way it is done.

The balance of work and free time

We believe that work-life balance is very important. Free time is vital for creativity and recovery. Free time also supports innovativeness – people tend to be more creative when they have enough time for themselves. As employer we want to be flexible – when the employee needs flexibility with their lives.

We acknowledge that meaningful work tasks and possibility to build a career are important factors for employee. We want to support employees have a chance to use their full talent and succeed as experts.

Q-Factoryn asiantuntijat palaverissa yrityksen toimistolla

Working and operating methods

Our goal is to have open company culture that supports self-direction. The support of team leaders and colleagues is always there when needed. We want to support our people to have possibility to think innovatively. New ideas are always welcome and we are happy to implement or pilot them.

first whistle

First Whistle as a way to be more responsible

We are committed to honesty and responsibility. Openness is one of our key values that guides our company culture. To promote our values, we have introduced First Whistle -reporting channel for our employees and other stakeholders. The Whistleblower Protection Directive affords protection for individuals reporting internally, externally or by way of public disclosure.

The First Whistle -channel will help us to take stand when any sort of iniquity is detected. All the reports are handled anonymously.

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