Quality is accessibility. Accessibility is quality.

Accessibility in digital services means easy-of-use for people with disabilities. 20% of Finns are disabled in some way which means that equality in usability will become vital when developing new service.

There is no digital service that is too easy to use

The transition to digital-first requires organisations to adapt to news ways of operating.

eQual is an expert team founded by Q-Factory that is specialised in accessibility.

Our aim is to highlight the importnce of accessibility as a core criteria of service development and thus improving the online experiences for all user

Our accessibility services

Accessibility audit


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Automated accessibility monitoring

eQual Tositestaus™ user testing

Providing a better user experience for a diverse audience thanks to user testing

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What is True accessibility

A digital service that is comprehensibly accessible can be reached by a diverse audience. The service can be used with various assistive technology, is structurally clear and the content is understandable. We in the eQual team have defined that a Truly accessible is built on these tree pillars:

Technical accessibility

The service’s technical foundation and features enable it to be used by a diverse audience, even for people that require assistive technology.


The service’s user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. A clear design enables seamless interaction within the service and users don’t have to navigate by trial and error.


Content that is easily readable will result in users that are less likely to make errors and thus less frustrated. Easily understandable services also improve productivity within your own organization.

Are you prepared for the changes in legislation?

What are the changes?

New additions to the Digital Services Act will into effect in June of 2025. These amendments to the legislation require that a wider range service providers ensure that their services are accessible.

Service providers should take these new requirements into consideration well in advance. Accessibility benefits everyone, but it is a precondition for participation in society on equal basis with others for people with disabilities.

Services affected by the new law

The Digital Services Act will apply to the following new services from 28 June 2025 onward:

  • E-commerce
  • E-books
  • Passenger transport services
  • Consumer banking services
  • Services providing access to audiovisual media services
  • Communication services

We are a trusted partner and want to help you in making your digital service truly accessible.

The eQual team

If you need help in the development phase or ensuring that your digital service is Truly accessible, the eQual team is at your service.

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