Training and workshops

Streamline your work and raise accessibility awareness

At Q-Factory, our eQual team offers diverse, role-specific training sessions on accessibility. These sessions focus on making your work smoother and expanding awaraness about accessibility.

Training Sessions

Incoroporating accessibility into agile development workflow
Kehittäjille, Suunnittelijoille, Sisällöntuottajille, Testaajille
The training helps product owners, designers and developers incorporate accessibility into their agile development practices and daily workflows.
Accessibility for developers
The training includes practical knowledge, instructions, and methods for implementing accessible technical solutions. The content and duration of the session can be customized to your needs.
Accessibility for designers
The accessibility training for designers covers guidelines and methods related to layout, functionality, and the designer’s workflow.
Accessibility workshop for content producers
The training teaches how to create web content with accessibility in mind, using practical examples.
Introduction to accessibility
Kehittäjille, Suunnittelijoille, Sisällöntuottajille, Testaajille
The training covers the basics of accessibility that are important for individuals in all job functions. e.g. types of disabilities, assistive technologies and applicable legislation Developers, designers, content producers, QA testers



”Koulutus antoi kattavan kuvan saavutettavuusvaatimuksista eri online-kanavissa. Käteen jäi paljon hyviä tärppejä saavutettavuuden parantamiseksi ja verkkopalveluidemme hiomiseksi entistä helppokäyttöisemmiksi.”

– Riina Hautala, Asiakaskokemusvastaava, Tapio Oy

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