Automated accessibility monitoring

Ongoing accessibility monitoring via automation

One way of ensuring that a web service is accessible is through robotic process automation. Our specialists will support Your team in the setup and integrating automation as a part of workflow.

We’ve worked in collaboration with our partners at Qautomate in the development of the QAutoEQual tool. This tool will give You an up-to-date view of the technical accessibility of Your service. QautoEQual is the perfect tool for ongoing accessibility assessment throughout the development process.

QAutoEQual uses the QualWeb core as its foundation. This is because QualWeb is used by supervisory units in several EU member states for monitoring

Flexible and easily tailored to meet digital service's needs during it's whole lifespan

Accessibility monitoring is especially useful with services that contain dynamically changing views, complicated components and long operational paths. The monitoring solution can easily be customized to fit single digital serive’s need during it’s whole lifespan. Automated testing moves the focus of accessibility to an eariler stage thus lowering costs and getting rid of unescessary work.



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